𐂷✨✨✨𐂷 NiANSA 2k24 ARTIST INFO PAGE 𐂷✨✨✨𐂷

Hey EVERYONE, below you can find some crucial information that all of you should grasp before joining Niansa this year so we could have as smooth of a process as possible during the setup time and the time of your performances, especially taking into consideration all of the circumstances we’d have on the ground this year, not only remote and time sensitive, but also weather-related challenges as well.  

First things, first --> please have a look at the timetable,
if you heaven’t already  

----> NiANSA 2k24 FINAL TIMETABLE <-----

Of course it goes without saying but please everyone remember your time slot and plan to arrive at the zone at least 2 hours ahead, at the latest. So we would have enough of time to organize your performance/setup.

That said, we would love if you could come as early as you can and stay for all 3 days of Niansa. It would be amazing to have you all there all the time! I know for some of you this isn't really possible but I hope most of you will consider extending as much as you could and enjoy the amazing nature and atmosphere we’re about to create together.  

Also, hence it’s quite a challenge to set all the logistics fixed in such a remote location whilst hosting such a huge and diverse number of performances across 3 days. I'd like to ask everyone to try to be as tolerant and flexible as we can and also mindful of our time slots and everyone else's so we keep on track with the timings as best as we can. Especially, if things don't go in the best way possible at some point, and please be assured that our technical/stage crew will do what we can in order to solve any potnetial issues and return things back on track.  

NiANSA 2k24 soound/stage/technical crew:

Slaviša Stevanović - Evano (+3869756990) - managing the sound selectors slots and logistics around them)

Gašper Drolec (+38640721677) and Luka Bernetič (+38640510102) - Lux, providing and managing the PA systems and the overall sound stage around Niansa 2k24.  

Rok Zalokar (+38631211456) - managing/taking care of 3 concerts during Sunday evening.

Myself - Sašo (+38669618838) - whatever is needed stage-wise, whilist also managing most of the live performances and the logistics around them.

And also, all of you reading this, you’re very welcome to participate if you notice you can help at any particular situation, or help each other during your performances and setting up processes. As this is pretty much a fully DIY action here, we try to keep in mind that we’re doing all of this in a fully communal spirit.  


Due to the above mentioned logistical / time-based / weather-related challenges, we decided this year to be setting up 2 separate performative situations (or stages if you will) that would be running one after another in a ping-pong manner. So while one of the performances goes on, the next one is being set up on the “2nd stage”, and it should be almost ready to go once the current one finishes. Whilst the audience/performers don't get distracted by the actual process of setting up the next performance, so they stay safe in their deep listening zones.  

As these 2 stages will be facing each other, people will be always turned on the currently performing side, while the preparation for the upcoming performance takes place, so when the next performance starts - the audience would only turn 90 degrees and they’re immediately in the listening zone again.

I know everytone is asking the same question now? :) – Yes! We’ll have 2 separate full-range / top notch PA systems so no worries on which side you’ll end up performing - both of the stages will look and the PAs will sound amazing! And yes - for the quadraphonic setups both sides will run at the same time.  

Huge shouts to Gasper Drolec from Cashey Stoner Crew and Luka Bernetič aka LUX Sound who are providing the main PA setup and tuning everything super proper for us this year. Additionally to PINA Koper for boosting us with some additional low-end reinforcement and amazing JBL monitoring system to make the entire Niansa gathering this year sound great not only in front of the performances but also on the actual stages for the performers’s listening experience.

1st stage powered by :

2 x MayerSound UPA1P loudspeakers

2 x RCF 18” subs.

2nd stage powered by:

2 x RCF R500 loudspeakers

2 x JBL EON718S 18” subs.

*Both stages will have proper stereo monitoring options.

Additionally, Mauricio Valdes from HEKA will be installing an immersive 20ch spatial sound sculpture where we’ll be having a selection of some immersive soundscapes as a separate, deep-listening escape zone, mostly running in parallel to our main program. Mauricio will also conduct a one-day workshop on ambisonic sound using the DODEKAOTTO sound sculpture, so if anyone reading this is interested in taking part of the workshop, make sure to reach Mauricio once there and also bring some of your favorite samples with you so you can try dispersing some of them in ambisonics directly on the sculpture during the workshop.    

Finally, we’ll have two huge geodesic domes installed within the zone, one of which spans an impressive 14 meters in diameter and will be available for setting up the stages as well as hosting the audience. These will also serve as our main shelters in case of unstable weather, as it seems likely during some parts of the gathering, unfortunately or not.

However, we do feel the weather will be just about right to get us all in that perfect forest festival/early summer breeze mood. Not too hot, not too dry, just a nice, delightful humid breeze, evaporating gently from the grass and woods, further enhancing our sensory systems. Perfetto! 🍃



2 x cdj nexus 2k. (+ 2x xdj 1000, to be used in case someone needs more than 2 players.) 

Omnitronic TRM 402 4 channel - rotary 

Xone 23 - 2 channel dj mixer - fader 

2x technics mk5 (one mk2 for backup)  *please don’t forget to bring your own needles if you plan to use the decks*

Cables and all extensions in case you’re connecting a computer or anything else to these mixers. 

Please note that there will be 2 dj setups, one layed down (super chill and comfy) setup for the daytime selections and then a more classic standing setup with proper stage table and decks + cdjs installed for the nighttime sets.


Behringer xAir32 mixer - Standard 32 channel mixer with both, XLR and JACK input options. 

Zoom Livetrack L8 - Standard 8ch mixing console again with both XLR and JACK input options. 

All the imaginable high quality adapter combinations for cables will be available as well but please try to bring your own cables at least for the internal routing of your equipment.

A couple of dynamic microphones we’ll be available as well but please bring your own if you have one and you use it dfor your performance.

Several DI boxes will be available as well. 

*If you require anything else than what’s listed above, and you heaven’t sent youre tech rider list already - please make sure to get in touch as soon as possible, with your special requirement, so we can try to get those ready for you, if spossible.  


Most of the sound checks will be done just prior to the performances and should be pretty short and straightforward. So please make sure to bring everything you can with you that would help us make your setup / sound checking process easier. Also, recommending everyone to bring their own headphones (and output cables when possible) so you could be checking your sound first on headphones and later on the PA once the previous performance is done and you’re almost ready to go next. So at that moment, we could just do a quick signal check and hopefully, off we go! 🤞:)

With whoever you’re sharing a slot with, you should be able to interact and discuss the time everyone plans for the performances so if someone needs less time than you that means you can use the remaining time, if you need to. That said, we always have to finish by the end of our designated timeslots, and preferably even earlier when possible.


As it was the case with the previous Niansa, we again intend to make proper recordings of all the performances across all 3 days this year, and hopefully with your permission later, we’d be uploading these recordings to our soundcloud page (ps. let’s connect there if we heaven’t already!) in the same order they went through during the festival, so we could have the entire gatehing on tape again and ready for future revisits and ultimate throwbacks.

That said, in case someone. here isn’t comfortable being recorded during your sets, please make sure to let us know so we stop the recording process when your turn.


Registration for everyone participating in NiANSA this year is mandatory, as this is a closed event. We need to have all the information prepared in advance for everyone participating, whether as artists, audience members, or artists' guests. This ensures that we can show this list and your agreement to be there in case of any checks or controls.

To start your artist registration, we’d like to ask you to fill up the following Google form: ARTIST REGISTRATION.

Once this form is filled out, the remaining step is to finish the registration process upon your arrival at the info point. There, we will collect your signature to confirm your agreement on being present at the gathering.

We hope everyone will be ok with this extra step. I know it might sound complicated, but this is the only way we can have a legal status of putting this thing together. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at any time so we explain further how this works.  

The same procedure goes for your guest list 3-DAY PASSES and the people using them:

Please forward to them the following Google form: GUEST LIST REGSITRATION and ask them to fill it out and mention there that they’re coming as your guests.

Just a reminder, you also have the option to switch one 3-day pass for 2 single-day passes, valid for the day your performance is taking place. This option might be better suited for your needs. Please make sure to inform your guests who might be using these single-day passes to select only the particular day inside the registration form. This ensures the most accurate information for us so we can plan appropriately.


We can potentially organize a transfer from Ljubljana for NiANSA 2k24 artists who don't have their own transport option and need to bring a significant amount of heavy equipment. However, we’d very much appreciate it if you could try to make it on your own to NiANSA zone either by taking the train from Ljubljana, as it is one of the easiest and most convenient options or alternatively, consider joining a ride with someone who has space available.

If you’re driving, please consider offering a ride to someone else with your vehicle. Additionally, if you're coming with your car, please try to sleep in the car as well, if possible. This helps optimize transportation and accommodation resources for everyone attending the event.

On the ARRIVAL section on our webpage, you’ll find a Google spreadsheet where you can find or offer a ride to someone. The pickup schedule for the train/bus options is also available there. Make sure to go through everything, as all the information included there is quite useful to know.

Juan Lopez is our main person regarding the logistics around the transport so if any further querstions please contact him at +38651798019.


Becouse parking is parking spots are very limited on the spot, as well as camping spaces. We've organized a spacious artist tent where most of you can sleep comfortably, during all three days, if needed. This arrangement helps us maximize the available resources and ensures that all of the artists will have a dedicated place to stay during the event.

The artist tent will be pretty comfortable and spacious, boosting 12m x 4m. size, with a nice wooden platform installed already so you can just throw your sleeping bags / inflatable mattresses or even normal mattresses if you happen to have some portable ones and enjoy a very comfortable sleeping situation. Also, we’ll make sure to have some extra blankets available around but if you are in a position, please bring some extra blankes with you in addition to your sleeping bag so you can keep yourself warm and nice at night, as nights can get pretty chill in Rakov Škocjan. It’s a proper karst region / deep forest vibes. Beautiful!🌳🦌🌳


During your performance day, everyone will receive a coupon that includes 3 free meals and 3 free drinks. For all the other days you're staying, but not performing, you'll still get a coupon per day, which includes 3 meals and 3 drinks at a 50% discount.

*If you have specific food allergies, please contact our head chef, Rapolas, at rapolasv@proton.me. (please make sure to do this as much upfront as you can before arrving) Introduce yourself and inform him about your allergies so he and the rest of the catering team can try to organize an appropriate meal for your specific diet.


Please note that we’ll have a collective equipment locker located in the sublevel of the hotel/guest house. You can store your equipment there for as many days as needed if you don’t have space in your car or prefer this option. The key to this locker will always be available through the info point.

Anytime you need to pick up or store something, you’ll need to contact a person from the info point who will accompany you to open and lock the door. Therefore, we recommend that you store only valuable equipment that you won’t need before and after your performance to avoid taking up the time of the info point staff, especially if they’re busy. We ask for your patience when requesting someone to accompany you to unlock the locker.

Finally, please make sure to read and agree to all the terms and conditions found at the end of the ARTIST REGISTRATION FORM. Thank you. By filling out the form, you agree to those terms. In case of any question, please do not hesitate to reach out or call us directly so we can explain further. See you all soon! <3  

Still some question? Please call me at: +38669618838