Hey there, curious observer ⚘。✰☼☾☼ Welcome to NiANSA 2k24! ☼☾☼✰。⚘ This year, our main portal is nestled within the lush embrace of Rakov Škocjan National Park.⚘𐂷⚘ Yes, you read that right! ッ Over three consecutive days, you're warmly invited to join us as we delve into a fantastical realm of sensory delights and landscape fascinations. Where consciousness expands, and curiosities flourish amidst the immersive karst landscape and the gentle embrace of the Rak River, which flows just 100 meters away from our main gathering point. And guess what? You can take a refreshing lil swim anytime you feel like stepping out of the deep-listening zone so you can rejuvenate your precious sensory systems. ☼☼ 

Amidst this natural wonderland, you'll have the opportunity to witness over 50 carefully curated live acts and audio-visual experiences. From exploratory music and sound performances to atmospheric DJ sets and site-specific art installations, to guided sound walks and deep-listening sessions—all intertwined with a variety of unique world-building experiences specifically designed for this rare occasion, awaiting for you to fully immerse into. ☾⫷⚘⫸☼

*Rakov Škocjan’s big Natural bridge,
only 10 minutes walk from our gathering zone

All of the above set against the dreamlike backdrop of the sublime forest beauty, our gathering unfolds around the Guest-house Rakov Škocjan, serving as our NiANSA mothership for this year's voyage. Fully embracing DIY community practices and collective experiences outside of institutional norms with a main focus of fostering a shared contemplation through the sybiosis of envinronment-specific listening and landscape-oriented exploration. 𐂷☾⚘☼𐂷

*Guest House Rakov Škocjan - Our mothership for this year gathering!

As day turns to night, the landscape-fascination transforms with site-specific light installations and scenography works, casting an otherworldly glow around our custom-designed, projection-mapped and properly sound-justified performative stage. ⫷⚘☼☾☼。⚘⫸

Amidst small phenomena and awe-inspiring nature, attendees will indulge in amazingly prepared plant-based breakfast & brunch options and enjoy hearty afternoon lunches for friendly prices at Niansa’s dedicated kitchen. Readily available drinking water sourced directly from Rakov Škocjan’s natural reserves will be present 24/7 to quench the thirst. A special selection of homemade drinks and handcrafted beverages will be offered on a pretty affordable basis. Plus, all the nice little details that we are putting together with utmost care to ensure that this gathering is as cozy and delightful an experience as possible for everyone traversing with us.ッ

With beautiful forest paths leading to Škocjan’s natural wonders just moments away, NiANSA 2k24 welcomes an unparalleled immersion into the heart of Rakov Škocjan National Park through a prism that most probably no one else has experienced on this landscape before. ☼☾☼☾☼☾☼


*Rakov Škocjan’s small Natural bridge,
only 15 minutes walk from our gathering zone

✰☼˚ Thanks to the generous backing from out friends at Floating Castle festival, this year we're enhancing our NiANSA mothership zone with two spacious geodesic domes, one of which is boasting an impressive diameter of 14m and can comfortably shelter more than 200 people alongside our custom designed and projection mapped performative stage. Whilst, the other dome, with a diameter of 8m can comfortably shelter an additional 80 people. No matter the weather, these beautiful sanctuaries should ensure a cozy and delightful experience for all the attendees across all 3 days of our traversing.✰‧˚

LEFT: Combined imagery from NiANSA 2K23 and Floating Castle festival 2K17. ッ RIGHT: Floating Castle festival 2K17 at night.


As you enter the national park, it's crucial to prioritize conservation and show utmost respect for the delicate ecosystem of Rakov Škocjan's natural landscape. Please minimize your environmental impact by staying on designated trails, disposing of your waste and litter properly, and being extra mindful to avoid damaging or displacing vegetation and the surrounding natural environment.