°˖NīANSA✧˖° is an interspecies outdoor gathering initiative placing a primary focus on fostering collective, deep listening experiences by exploring the symbiosis between soundscape and landscape. Embracing a DIY, self-organizing ethos, our aim is to create a safe and vibrant platform where diverse artistic communities converge and participate in spontaneous exchanges, freeform collaborations, sound experiments, live music, and audio-visual experiences.

We also place a significant emphasis on site-specific DJ selections and sound collages, adding an additional dimension to our sonic gatherings. This aspect weaves together eclectic, genre-defying auditory explorations, aiming to create immersive travelogue experiences which fully resonate with the surrounding environment.

Our gatherings invite curious individuals to reflect on
the interconnectedness of nature and human experience by completely immersing themselves in the sonic environment, thus cultivating a heightened awareness of sound and its profound impact on perception and consciousness.

In addition to the auditory experiences, we also place a significant focus on the hospitable and visual dimensions of our gatherings. Scenography-related works such as projection mappings, site-specific installations, contemporary dance performances, and an enhanced focus on unique world-building experiences occupy the landscape zone during NīANSA's gatherings, offering an all-inclusive sensory delight for all the voyagers traversing with us.


produced and organised by Institute SENZOR, Ljubljana
curation, art direction, stage menagment: Sašo Puckovski
co-curation, design and visual identity: Urša Rahne
scenography: Liza Šimenc, Altan Jurca Avici, Sangara Perhaj
stage design: Urša Rahne, Beti Firm
logistics: Altan Jurca Avci, Urša Rahne, Slaviša Stevanović, Juan Lopez, Saso Puckovski, Luka Erdani, Ana Markežič
technical crew: Sašo Puckovski, Slaviša Stevanović, Gašper Drolec, Luka Bernetič, Rok Zalokar
catering crew: Rapolas Valiukevičius
niansa crew: Vaiva Cibante, Teja Gorenc, Tine Modicov, Tana Benčan, Petra Kraševec, Maša Bizjak, Ema Pevc, Tatiana Kocmur, David Murko, Vita Kobal, Urška Savič, Igor Stangliczky, Tonja Bjelčevič, Ksenia Tomić, Gaja Pegan Nahtigal.  

co-production: PiNA (S+T+ARTS AIR), Institute ON Rizom
technical and logistical support: PiNA (S+T+ARTS AIR)
soundstage crew: Casey Stoner Crew, LUX Sound, PINA / HEKA - KUBER Spatial Audio Unit (S+T+ARTS AIR), SSSSOUNDED

ッThank you for listening and observing with usッ

Institute SENZOR,
Študentovska 13,
1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)69 618 838
+386 (0)69 618 876