DODEKAOTTO [Immersive Sound Sculpture]
Guided Deep-Listening Session / Ambisonics Workshop  
Curated and conducted by Mauricio Valdes / HEKA Art and Science Lab

HEKA Lab Koper will showcase a site-specific iteration of the DodekaOTTO system - An immersive sound sculpture created by Martin Kaltenbrunner (Design Lead), Benjamin Wesch (Structural Design), Manuel Mitterhuber (Speaker Design), and Enrique Tomás. This innovative project, based on the OTTOsonics platform, features a dodecahedron-shaped structure made of lightweight aluminum. Designed at the Tangible Music Lab, it offers a mobile environment for interactive multichannel installations.

The minimalist design comprises 30 aluminum tubes held together by 20 digitally designed aluminum plates, each integrating standard OTTOsonics speakers. With twenty channels, the DodekaOTTO provides a spherical multi-channel system, ideal for immersive audio experiences.

Created to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the University of Art and Design Linz, the DodekaOTTO currently exists in only three installations: at the Tangible Music Lab in Linz, the Alter Bauhof in Ottensheim, and the HEKA Lab in Koper, Slovenia. All necessary files for DIY creation of the structure are available under the CC-BY-NC-SA license, attributed to the Tangible Music Lab.

During NiANSA 2k24, Mauricio Valdes, a multifaceted sound artist and head of R&D at HEKA Lab, will conduct a workshop on ambisonic audio creation and reproduction using the DodekaOTTO system.

The DodekaOTTO showcase schedule for Niansa 2k24 includes a listening sessions featuring curated pieces, followed by experimental ambisonic diffusion of selected live performances wihtin the DodekaOTTO. On the second day, Saturday, Mauricio Valdez will also lead the Ambisonics Workshop, showcasing tools and techniques for spatial audio creation and composition.

Ambisonics Workshop - An introduction to creating immersive music using open-source software, without requiring a multichannel speaker array. This workshop will demystify the techniques behind the works presented in the listening session, showing how these methods can be applied to any music or sound genre. Additionally, we will cover the areas of challenge and where artists can take action to use these technologies regardless of their background.