Zhlehtet is a collective led by a Slovenian pianist, composer & producer Rok Zalokar. It appears in different formats, while keeping the unique blend of acoustic and electronic sound, contemporary music with the folklore. Coming out of spiritual jazz tradition, it's continuously expressing the message of the moment and mutual understanding.

This resulted in a critically acclaimed series of albums - a surreal studio collage album Toyomi and live album Celica, both released in 2020, and 2022 release Portals Vol. 1, which was named as one of the best in Slovenia by the critics.

The common thread of their live shows and albums is the channeling specific energy of the evening, therefore establishing a deeper connection with the audience and making each show unique.

Alja Petric - vocals, percussion
Lenart De Bock - saxophone, flute
Rok Zalokar - keyboards, electronic