Whitegirlstudyplaylist has developed his distinctive sound in deliberate contrast to mainstream banging techno and other party-oriented electronic music. By exploring softer and cuter soundscapes, coupled with fresh sound design and a minimalist aesthetic, his techno is pushed to the edges where it spills over into ambient and experimental. This is also evident in his latest EP, 🌱-based, where kick drums serve more as sonic elements rather than beats for dancing. Filled with marimba melodies in C-major, the EP also features wooden percussion sampled from the pristine forests surrounding his hometown, Kočevje. For the Niansa gathering, he’s preparing a special live set that will present the abovementioned musical material in an extended format. Aimed at an audience sitting or lying down, he will try to create a stable and safe sonic environment to allow listeners to fully immerse themselves in the nuances of the sound - no rough or unexpected noises, no dissonances, just long sustained bliss :)