VITAL ROLE: SansSeanca (SI)

Pressure act. Is it the critical component or the vital role? Any belief is determined by its coherence with other beliefs within a conceptual system. This approach emphasizes the interconnection of thoughts and evaluates them based on their mutual support rather than relying on foundational or "self-justifying beliefs."

Vital Role are Sebastjan Dan Zorko (Zorkow) and Jovica Novković (Jovonanovo). Zorkow is a contemporary drum'n'bass producer and DJ, whose sound is focused in newfangled, abstract and distorted bass music. Jovonanovo is a Ljubljana based producer, composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist.

Their musical fates interlocked with a colaborative project "ELEKTRO ŠTIH", where they combined recorded poetry samples with ambiental drones, a disgrunteled noise box, pounding electronic drums and a roaring post-rock like guitar. Vital role is the melos that birthed out of their joint fascination for audio exploration and experimentation.