Light / Site-specific installation

Tilen Sepič is a multidisciplinary designer, new media artist and promoter of "open source" culture. His experience with light is manifesting in light-design objects, iot design, product photography and sound-light installations. Currently he is developing a practice on research and development of his own products in fields of light design and sound-light installations.

Tilen's work focuses on the topic's fundamentals, exposing its key function, material, technology or cause. Lately he is promoting experience design over material styling with ten years of experience in industrial design and production.

His work in light design objects and installations is currently focused on how the artificial light affects the brain, changing the mood, experience and productivity, the same way natural light does. His passion for playing with sensory inputs gives him the edge to work in interactive design and art installations.

With ongoing research of new media and latest technologies, he is consulting or holding many workshops, currently specialised in "Internet of things" design and open source digital manufacturing systems.