Saša Spačal MA [she/her], a postmedia artist, merges living systems research with contemporary art, emphasising the interconnectedness of the environment-culture continuum within planetary metabolisms. Her artistic endeavours include developing caring biotechnological methodologies and interfaces that engage with both organic and mineral soil agents. In parallel, she explores the fragility of posthuman scenarios, intricately weaving mechanical, digital, and organic logics within the realms of contemporary biopolitics and necropolitics.

The upcoming deep listening sessions which Saša Spačal presents at NiANSA 2k24 will feature excerpts from the Anatomy of a Symbiosis project: “Saša Spačal’s Anatomy of a Symbiosis is the outgrowth of a dynamic, living biotechnological installation, Symbiome – Economy of Symbiosis, originally presented as a generative 22 hour broadcast of the sonified data it generated, now edited and collected as a condensed listening experience, enabling wider transmission of the intrinsic messages and ways of being in the world which it invokes. On the surface, one is listening to the audio artifact of the disintegrating symbiotic bond between soil bacteria Rhizobium trifolii and red clover Trifolium pratense caused by human intervention with the introduction of nitrogen fertilizer, eliminating the necessity for this unlikely and fragile collaboration which had developed in the deep past, hidden from human cognizance by its macro time frame and micro scale, buried within the earth.” – Brandon Rosenbluth