Reptilian Expo is the moniker of Riccardo Patrone, based in Milano, head of the multiform fantasy tape label Pampsychia and experienced dancefloor shapeshifter. 

Multifaceted selector and producer, Reptilian Expo draws both from fast-paced, rhythm-laden grooves and more bouncy, off-kilter weirdo beats to recast dance subcultures into sonic unfamiliar environments with a unique approach. 

Swampy fifth world, sunytty freestyle and dancefloor crawling moves make Reptilian Expo the perfect DJ for unusual party moves and mystic immersive K-majic soundscapes. 

His last album “Cunti”, released in May 2023 on Artetetra Records, tells about all this mixture of influences and suggestions thru a fantastic and oneiric trip. Cinematic tracks, pithed-sung songs, alien club bangers and dreamlike music immersions follow each other with a narrative intent.