We’ll be offering some nice, cold, home-brew beverages to help us all submerge even deeper in the extraordinary atmosphere that awaits us on Niansa 2k24. The drinks are on separate donations from the entry and can be taken at the little portable Niansa bar we'll installing at the zone. 

 ッThank you for listening and observing with us ッ

♼♽ We'd like to ask you to respect the environment and the delicate ecosystem of Krater's landscape. Everyone is responsible for their own waste while attending the event. ♽♼

Consider also bringing your preferred mosquito repellent, as the lush surroundings of the location are likely to result in significant mosquito activity.

⪼ᵔᴗᵔENTRANCEᵔᴗᵔ⪻⁂Entry for this event is donation based. We’re suggesting a donation of 10 euros as a good way to support what we’re doing. You can donate during the event by using some of the NiANSA donation boxes you'd be able to find lying around the listening zone.*⁂*Please note that the entirety of the donations collected from this first edition of 𓇗 ᑎīᗩᑎᔕᗩ Exploratorium 𓆸 will be directed towards aiding the communities that have been most severely impacted by the recent floods in the country.⁂*

⁂Please also note that we are practicing a sliding-scale model for your donations, so if the suggested entry donation is too much for you, please feel free to contribute any amount you’re comfortable with. However, if you’re in a position to support us with more than what we're suggesting, we would greatly appreciate that as it will help us to make our next gathering an even warmer welcoming experience for everyone.

⟡☼⟡ Dear ᑎīᗩᑎᔕᗩ fam ⟡☼⟡We are thrilled to welcome you to the first edition of 𓇗 NiANSA Exploratorium 𓆸 a series of live sound events scheduled to take place at our beloved Krater land ◥̆̈◤ The botanical marvel of a location nestled within the urban landscape of Ljubljana and meticulously terraformed with great dedication by our dear friends at the @Krater Collective.
For this remarkable occasion, we have curated a true sensory delight, bringing you not more or less than seven captivating live performances featuring some of the most delicate sound explorers from around the region ↴↴↴↴↴↴↴↴


⪼ᵔᴗᵔ ENTRANCE ᵔᴗᵔ⪻
This is a DIY non-profit event, so the entrance fees only cover the costs needed to make this event possible.As there is a limited capacity, we kindly ask you to reserve your place by writing to [] or simply by sending us a DM including your name and any other friend names that you're coming with so we can reserve your attendance and get further instructions sent to you.We kindly ask for a minimum 30€ contribution (pre-contribution) or 40€ if you want to contribute at the entrance - considering that you already registered before you arrived.✯ Please keep in mind that we are practicing a sliding-sale model for our entrance contributions, so if the suggested entry donation is too much for you at the moment, please do not hesitate to write to us and we will work something out. However, if you’re in a position to support us with more than what we're suggesting, we would greatly appreciate that as it will help us to make this gathering an even warmer welcoming experience for everyone.✯ This event is only visible to those with an invite. Please consider sharing it mindfully and only invite friends that you feel would appreciate the delicate sensibility and the intimate atmosphere of the festival.

⚘𐂷⚘ LOCATION ⚘𐂷⚘
For this pilot edition, we are gathering in a beautiful place out in the country that is just a 25-minute drive from the city of Ljubljana. Fully surrounded by beautiful green meadows and immersive landscapes. The exact location will be shared with everyone that reserved their tickets by email and will also be revealed 24 hours before the event via our social profiles.
๑ᵔ-ᵔ๑ CATERING ๑ᵔ-ᵔ๑
We are extremely pleased to have RAPOLAS taking care of the food experience throughout both event days. He will take care of 2 meals on Saturday and 3 meals on Sunday. All the meals are covered by the event entrance donation.✯ All meals will be vegan/vegetarian. In case you have any specific food allergies or intolerances, please make sure to write directly to Rapolas [] at least a couple of days before the event so you can be provided with an appropriate meal for your diet.

⁂\̅_̅/̷̚ʾ DRINKS \̅_̅/̷̚ʾ⁂
We will set up a small DIY bar that will offer some common and not-so-common drinks and boosters offered in exchange for some uncommonly affordable contributions. Some of the drinks include a variety of freshly prepared cold and hot tea and different types of home-brewed kombucha tastes as well as a variety of other sorts of energy and mood enhancers. ッ㋡ッ
°。°。 WATER °。°。
Although washing water is readily available on-site, there is a lack of drinking water. We'll do our best to provide as much drinking water as we can bring with us. However, please make sure that you also bring a few liters per person and do your best to stay hydrated throughout the entire event.

◘◙ SOUND ◙◘
We are delighted to announce that for this edition we’re getting sonically immersed with a proper Meyer Sound PA system provided by the good folks at Casey Stoner Crew. The system will be custom tuned to provide great emphasis on flat and crystal-clear frequency response as well as pretty accurate low-end representation.However, no matter how good the sound system is, the magic of a live performance can be easily ruined by talking out loud within the listening zones. At NīANSA we are strong believers in the transcendent effect that a collective, deep listening experience can facilitate and would like to kindly ask you to respect the performers as well as the deep listeners and be extra mindful of the noise you’re making while the performances last.ッThank you for listening with us ッ

☼☾☼ CAMPING ☼☾☼
The camping site is located less than a minute walk from the main area. Free camping is included with the entrance contribution.✯ Please make sure to bring enough clothes to keep yourselves nice and warm at night. There is also a river close to the festival camp so bring some towels as well. A headlamp will also be useful for navigation around the camp at night.
♼♽ Please respect the environment. Everyone is responsible for their own waste while attending the event ♽♼