Marija Mitrović aka mariesoundsystem is Montenegro-based contemporary pianist, multimedia artist and researcher, curious about cultural transformation, sonic environments and multisensory visions. The eclecticism of her artistic activity mostly attracts the attention of a wider audience because, in addition to her role as a pianist, Marija is also engaged as a theater and film composer, musicologist, multimedia artist and educator. Using natural materials, traditional ritual and electronic instruments, Marija creates a dynamic system of subtle multi-layered sonic textures to fracture boundaries between organic sound and electronic synthesis, classical tradition and underground experimentalism, sentimental silences and tangible noises. By approaching sound as a live organism, mariesoundsystem gives main space to intuitive processes to sculpt the sound, so that she could never be sure what her sound will turn into. This makes her persistently excited. Instead of concerts or performances, she designs sonic rituals to explore the social potential of sound in different spaces - to concurrently alternate feedbacks of diverse sine waves and vibrations of present human souls.