Nastaja Ambrožič and Efe Di
Site-specific installation

Nastja Ambrožič and Efe Di are curious souls, intertwined by their shared passion for the biology, technology, and mythology. Together, they form a dynamic duo, whose collaborative work is driven by the exploration of interspecies relationships and 'more-than-human,' inviting audiences to ponder the interconnectedness of all living beings. They weave together realms of funga, flora and fauna, through assemblage of installations combined with ritualistic practices. 

Efe Di is a biologist specialized in molecular biology and physiology. As a researcher, artist, and mentor, she juxtaposes methods of modern science with artistic exploration and creation. She is interested in the living corporeality within the grasp of scientific technologies and critiques scientific rationalism through myths of vitality and the performativity of magical practices.

Nastja Ambrožič combines diverse approaches to creation and connects them with contemporary research art and the therapeutic potential of the artistic process (=arts therapy). Her projects focus on the intertwining of biology and technology, on the exploration of symbiotic relationships, and on understanding the more-than-human. She is interested in the diversity of ways of (meta)communication and playful search for the universal language of living nature.