H C-(M)
Joses Salitre + Jose Lopez

H C-(M) [Joses Salitre + Jose Lopez] is visual artist, designer, sound vector and independent researcher based in Mexico. H C-(M)'s sound work develops narratives as soundtrack commissions (Bacteriomancy and Water, Moon for Angel Lartigue, The A-Death 'Phenomenon' for Urbanomic's Plague Pod), rework building [Harmonium I [H C-(M) / Joses Salitre's Glottic Reworks for Nilotpal Das/Bios Contrast] [EP] and mixtape-experiments [LamaESal, DXLETE RADIO, Hysteresis, Immunologics Tour] as unusual ways to create projects that involve sonic galaxies and graphic + visual speculation. With an eclectic take on sound, music and theory, C-(M)'s builds unique sonic/subcultural environments full of intricate outputs.

For Niansa 2k24, H C-(M) will present a live performance titled Lhanthas Vol. [L], a new audiovisual project inspired by Masahiro Mori's writings.