Biodron is an immersive sound performance that unlocks the hidden sonic potential of plants through the power of bio-sonification. By capturing the electrical impulses within plants and transforming them into a vibrant soundscape, Biodron offers a unique auditory exploration into the pulsating rhythms of nature. Weaving together the electrical impulses of plants through bio-sonification, underwater recordings that capture the pulse of aquatic life, and haunting samples of extinct birds, Biodron creates a symphony that tells a story of our planet, past and present. As a result, listeners are invited to dive deep into the experimental realms of sonification and ambiental drones, experiencing the enchanting symphony of the living environment around us. Biodron is not just a sound performance; it's a call to listen, feel, and appreciate the sonorous beauty of our planet.

Miha Godec is a sound artist who weaves dreamlike, ethereal soundscapes that oscillate between the enchantingly beautiful and the intriguingly dark. His work, nestled in the experimental realm of music, harnesses the power of bio-sonification and kinetic forces to create unique compositions. Using analogue modular synthesizers, Godec paints with sound, emphasizing texture and quality. Balancing chaos with control, Godec's practice invites a profound exploration of soundscapes.