Francesco Scarel is involved in artscience field, which means managing, developing and curating scientific communication projects through artistic and creative languages.
He earned his PhD in Chemistry in 2013 at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Freiburg, Germany. During a workshop with Felice Frankel from MIT he began exploring the potential of artistic languages as media for communicating science and technology. He started then to study videomaking and documentary production, and he completed the "F. Prattico" Master in Science Communication at SISSA - International School of Advanced Studies, where he’s currenlty teaching.
In the artscience field, he co-founded a NGO called Liminal Research, collaborating with various international organizations such as Immaginario Scientifico, Kaleidoscienza, Area Science Park, SISSA, CMCC, IP4FVG, PiNA, HEKA, Xcenter, Dobialab, TS Contemporanea, Water Festival of Staranzano.
In the audiovisual field, he is an associate of Kineofilm and Ghirigori film production companies, where he creates artistic videos, documentaries and participatory workshops. He started MONDRIAN and WANDALUMEN, two video art projects where he explores the potential of 20th-century analog media in relation to the latest technologies involving video mapping, AI, interactivity, and generative art.

WANDALUMEN is a live visuals project with mutable aesthetics: a mostly analog set that uses materials such as wood, papercuts, light, microscopes, magnets, CC cameras, old CRT monitors and a Modular Video Synthesizer.